Day 10

Still hunkered down in Grand Rapids. I’m not complaining though. My tent was filled with about 3 gallons of water from the rain. My buddy John (the guy I met at Lake Winnie) picked me up and we ate lunch at Dottie’s. Delicious! Afterwards we checked out the birthplace of Judy Garland or should I say, “Baby” Gumm.


That carriage was also Lincoln's presidential carriage before the Wizard of Oz.


Me and Brickface Dorothy.
Judy Garland's birthplace.
John, my savoir more than once! Lol! Thanks bud! Words can't express my gratitude.

After exploring Grand Rapids, I bailed some water out of my tent and decided it was time for a beer. I walked a couple of blocks to the American Legion. Quickly I met Amber Randall, another great soul from the state of Minnesota! It was nice carrying on some great conversation and introducing each other to new music.

I’m thoroughly impressed with Minnesota. As one young lady put it’s called, “Minnesota Nice.” Digging it!

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