Day 28

Woke up, showered, and ate a fantastic breakfast. Thank you Sherri Sykora. We said our goodbyes to everyone one launched. We had about 12 or more miles to Sartell Dam. Not a bad portage but it was long. A fellow Marine helped me transport my gear to the put in site. He saved me a lot of walking! Thanks brother. 

Set out from there and traveled a short distance and took on Sauk Rapids. Didn’t even hit a rock! After that we made our way to the fireworks area. We pulled up to a dog park and hung out until it got dark. The fireworks were spectacular! St. Cloud did an amazing job! 

After the show was over we paddled in the dark to the next dam a couple of miles down the river. We portaged 650 yards to a staircase with about 50 steps to the river. Not the easiest portage! I’m exhausted right now.  

Love the shark on this house!
Just crossed Sartell Dam.

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