Day 36

I’m not sure but I probably paddled 20 miles today. I had to wait until 10am to get started because that’s what time lock 1 opened. 

It only took me 41 minutes to lock through. Not bad! Very interesting process as well. It also helps when an attractive lady works there and gives you good company! 😉 

Another nice bridge.
Waiting to enter.
Hang on! But not too tightly.
Going down!

After getting through the lock I needed to refill my water so I paddled a few miles to a park in downtown St. Paul. As I was wandering around looking for a water spigot, I heard wings flapping right above my head! I looked up and one of those crazy bald eagles  flew right over me!  Kinda scared me to be honest. Then this lady asked me if I saw the eagle and I replied “yes!” She then informed me that it also dropped a fish in the park right behind me. After inspecting the half eaten animal, I discovered it was a surgeon!  What a crazy experience! 

After the bizarre eagle encounter, I noticed some people catering a private event. I figured they had to know where to find water. One of the gentlemen took my 4 gallon container and filled it up for me. We chatted for a minute and then they gave me half of one of the wood fired pizzas they were making. It was delicious!😃 I wish I could give them a better shout out but I didn’t catch the name of the business. Sorry awesome pizza people! You guys made my day! Thank you.

After heading back downstream i encountered a few barges. The wind was pushing me a little  hard and I got close to the channel while a barge was pulling out. He yelled, I yelled… We both went on down the river. 

Quite a few more miles down the river, I got hot so I pulled into a marina and got a couple of cold beers at The Mississippi Pub. Very refreshing! While I was there Scott sent me a text telling me what mile marker he was camped at and it was only 3 miles away. So I caught up to Scott faster than I thought I would. In all fairness, the post two days were kinda tough on the river. Now we’re planning our days so we don’t get caught in the rising water that’s coming. It may rise 10ft!!! 😭 We’re thinking of we get to Lake Pepin it won’t be a big rise on that large lake. I hope we’re right. Things could get interesting in the next few days. 

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