Day 67 & 68

Left St. Louis this morning. What a wonderful city to explore. I’m definitely coming back for a longer stay.  Major thanks to Muddy Mike Clark. A great place to relax and learn a few tricks of the trade. I also want to say thank you to Greg. He works at REI and I really enjoyed talking with him about the river. He also made a donation to Homes For Our Troops! High five! 

The Port of St Louis wasn’t as busy as I expected, but there was still some waves bouncing around in there. Anyway, we made it through without incident. 

We, (Scott Hite, Brandon Columbus, and myself) managed to paddle 39 miles to Plattin Rock Boat Club. A very good place to stop after St Louis. A man named Rusty stopped by and talked and offered a couple of beers. Nice guy! I love meeting locals on the river. 

Saw this gem leaving St Louis!
Goodbye St Louis. Until we meet again!

Day 68

Brandon and I fought the wind 40 miles to Chester, IL. Google maps showed an Asian restaurant a couple of blocks up from the river, so we parked our boats and took off. We ended up walking up a giant hill only to find a house there. 🤔

I called the restaurant and got the address, but couldn’t pull it up on the GPS. So we decided on a different place to eat. Sadly, it was a mile away. That mile included another giant hill! I could seriously feel heat exhaustion coming on. It was 89° but the real feel temp read 109°. Anyway, we made it. I drank 6 glasses of sweet tea. So good! 

This town was obsessed with Popeye the sailor man. He was on everything! There was even a statue of Olive Oyl and Sweetpea. I haven’t researched any of this yet, buy I’m going to. I found it very interesting!

They’re getting bigger!

It’s hard to tell, buy we were pretty far up there.
The stairway to heaven or hell depending on the direction you go.
Yeah, this is a big beach!

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