Day 16

After a very fun couple of days in New Smyrna Beach, we launched again around 1pm and paddled 9 miles to a great campsite called Jones Creek. We had to fight the outgoing tide but a light breeze helped push us down the ICW. Apparently I’ve been misspelling the intracoastal waterway by spelling it “intercoastal.” Oops! I also kept calling our host in NSB “Jane” when her name is Jean. 😑 I don’t claim to be the sharpest bulb on the tree.

Anyway, we survived the shark bite capital of the world. I have to say, I would really like to spend a little more time looking around that area someday. It’s beautiful!

We saw lots of dolphins today. In the video below, that swirl in the water was a dolphin going right under Scott. They’re a little shy. Today was a short day but a fun one!

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