Days 20-22

So we were grounded at Manatee Hammock Campground for 3 days because of high winds. Today we decided to paddle out thinking we could hit the East shore before the wind picked up. That was a mistake! The waves were relentless. Sometimes they would just swallow you whole. Somehow we managed to get far enough out past two long jetties. Once we turned south we were surprisingly paddling 2mph. I know, that sounds ridiculous but you had to see what we were going up against. Anyway, we angled ourselves towards the left end of the bridge we could see, and about 6 hours later we came to an island. That’s where we stayed. Scott’s kayak took on water and drenched everything he owns. I took on a little water. Needless to say, we’re exhausted and just glad to be alive. I didn’t get any pics today but I have a few from the past 3 days. I hope you enjoy.

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