Day 34

Today I paddled about 13 miles to a mile marker 44. It’s across the ICW from some of the wealthiest people in America. Tiger Woods house was maybe a quarter of a mile south of me. It looked like my best option for camping, so I pulled up even though there were quite a few boaters there enjoying their Valentine’s day. I met a couple, George and Beth, who were very friendly and gave me some cold tea and listened to my stories. After they left, I found a tennis ball someone left behind and noticed another couple with dogs, so I brought it them and one of their dogs loved it! It was great talking to them as well and I was given some great tips on interesting places to visit in the area. Meeting people on these trips is my favorite part hands down. I love the wildlife and view, but connecting with strangers is something special. It’s fascinating that we become a part of each other’s life story through brief encounters.

Sorry for no pictures today I was too busy talking. I guess I should mention the rats visiting me last night. They crawled over everything including my tent. I woke up to one hanging on the mesh looking for a way in. It was very disturbing.


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