Days 36-39

I spent this weekend with a very good friend of mine who happens to live in Florida now. Thank you Ashley Meso and Chella for putting up with me for a couple of days. It was great to see you and the family. I had a great time. I got to eat some amazing food, drink a few tasty drinks, and watch the Winter Olympics. It was very refreshing getting to to relax and hang with an old friend. I even got to pet cats and dogs!! Yay! The wildlife on the river doesn’t take kindly to being touched.

Today I launched and paddled around 10 miles to a tiny beach on the edge of some mangroves. I chose this spot because it’s secluded and humans can’t get here unless they come by boat. Tomorrow is going to be a really long paddle. Anywhere between 15 and 34 miles. We’ll see how I do. Luckily I’m protected from the wind (it’s blowing 20+ mph) on the ICW.

The pictures are from this weekend. Thanks for following along. It really means a lot to me that a few of you are interested in this journey


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