Until Next Year

It’s been 3 months since I started my journey paddling around the state of Florida and it has been an indescribable experience. I’ve learned so much through fantastic and sometimes frightening encounters. I always get asked what was my favorite thing I’ve seen or done and it’s always, without hesitation, the people I’ve met and connected with. Making new friends is priceless! I love it. The kindness and compassion in humans is alive and well. There’s so many wonderful people I need to thank, but out of fear of forgetting someone I’m going to just say it to everyone who reads this. Many of my followers on here have been inspirational as well. Thank you!

I’m working my way back towards Tennessee by way of Greyhound, an old friend, and eventually my car. With luck I’ll be home in a couple days. I can’t wait to see my kids.

I’ll finish this trip starting next February. I have a little over 900 miles left. I’ll start in Alabama and paddle to Florida Bay Outfitters in Key Largo. Until then here are the pictures and video I’ve collected over the past two weeks. Thanks again!


      1. I would love to see you write about your kayaking adventures with your kids. I also think it would help in letting other veteran’s who struggle with PTSD that lives can return to a new normal through kayaking and sharing it with others. Peace and joy in the coming months.

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