Day 20

Despite the loss of my mother yesterday,  I’m going to keep paddling. Life goes on and the sadness will weaken a little everyday. 

An Aitken local at the campground.
Love their school mascot!
Todd Mayo on his awesome bike!

Patrick, the other paddler I had been traveling with since Jacobson got out of the river at Aitkin. Hassman was just too much for him. It’s understandable. (Inside joke, sorry) Scott Hite caught up to us at Aitkin, so we set out together. We traveled 22 miles to Lone Pine campsite. Beautiful stretch of the river! It’s getting much wider now, so that means less zigzags.

Can't paddle without it!


One more thing, I’ve switched from a regular paddle to a kayak paddle. Way more efficient in my opinion. Maybe I’m just floating straighter?

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