Day 23

Another gorgeous day on the river. I think it’s going to storm tomorrow though. That’s cool. We should arrive in Little Falls, MN tomorrow afternoon. I’m going to need a recovery day.  Which means a burger and a beer. 😉.

I’m still thinking about my recent losses. My head is a jumbled mess. I’m surprised I haven’t lost anything yet.  The river does help sooth me though.

Right now, the river has widened up quite a bit. Today we passed through a series of small islands called The Thousand Islands. They’re a result of the world’s largest log jam in history. It happened in the late 1800’s. It was 6.5 miles long, 1/2 mile wide and 40-60 feet deep! Took 6 months to break it up. The logs that remained collected sediment and formed little islands. As a matter of fact, I’m sleeping on one tonight. Fletcher’s Point campsite didn’t look very easy to get to, so we settled for an island. It’s actually pretty nice.

A steamy river morning.
This dragonfly rode on my hand for about an hour!
Spooky tree says, "go back you meddling paddlers!"
That was in Brainerd after shopping for supplies.
Sometimes it doesn't seem real!


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