Day 22

Paddled into Brainerd, MN this afternoon. I really wanted to look around and drink a beer. Lord knows I need one. My mother passed away June 25 and today my cat had to be euthanized.

Reese’s suffered an injury that caused her bladder to fail. Poor thing. They tried to save her. She was a really good cat. I’ll miss her.  Please, no more losses for a while! I came on this trip to help become more comfortable with loneliness not literally end up alone.

A river angel named Jeanette Wolmutt  came into town and drove me around so I could resupply. Finally got me a chair to sit in! After resupplying and eating a hamburger, we jumped back in the boats and paddled down to Baxter campsite. Very nice campsite with a great landing! Good landings are worth mentioning.

Looks like fun!
Scott checking out the dam.
I like bridges, don't judge me.
Would have gotten hungry without Jeanette! Thank you!
Almost 15 miles today.

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