Day 26

After a couple of “evictions” in Charles Lindbergh State Park, we launched back out on the river. Advice for paddlers planning on staying at that state park, reserve your campsite! Even the canoe campsite.

We paddled almost 8 miles to Blanchard Dam and thankfully Tony and Joe Sykora rode up to help us portage. I believe it’s way further than the map states. There were some very steep hills to walk up and down. Not to mention the put in site was very busy. It could be easy to get your gear stolen at this particular portage without help.

After repacking, we paddled down river another 11 miles to Tony’s house.  Along the way, I made another navigational error and ran us aground. Oops! Not a big deal though. We did get to watch a deer run back and forth across the river in front of us.

The private campgrounds were completely full of folks out celebrating the July 4 weekend. I had a close call with a speeding boater too. He barely missed me on purpose. Turd!

Tony and family welcomed us with open arms. Awesome people! It’s a pleasure to have met them!

Blanchard Dam.
Relaxing after the portage.
Do not go this way!

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