Day 30

Woke up to a squirrel exploring the top of my tent. He had no clue I was inside. Which is odd considering how bad I snore!  

It was gorgeous this morning! Drank coffee, packed up, took a little swim before launching… Clearwater was right around the bend. We pulled up to Clearwater Outfitters and ran into Zachary Meer. You guys may know him as the SUP paddler that launched June 4.  It was a pleasure talking with him and checking out his family’s store. I picked up a couple of souvenirs there as well. Scott and I walked a couple of blocks in town and ate a delicious meal at The Kettle restaurant. Great town to stop in if you’re ever passing by on the river. 

After exploring and filling our bellies, we paddled about 25 miles to Dimmick Island. The map showed the campsite on the left side of the island. Well, that’s incorrect. It’s on the right side. We had to paddle upstream through some rapids to get back on the other side.  We got unloaded just in time for dinner… Dinner for the godforsaken mosquitos that is! I hate those things. 

Zachary Meer and the SUP he used.
Boaters beware!
Now i know where Charlie Brown lives!
It’s like paddling in the sky.

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