Day 31

We didn’t travel very far today. We had to stop in Elk River to pick up some supplies we ordered online. Took advantage of some Taco John’s! Yum. 

Elk River looked like a nice town with a neat downtown area. Sadly we walked past everything and got the boats ready to launch. 4 day paddlers were there at the landing and Lisa gave us some of the best brownies I’ve ever had and Stacy gave us a beer! It was very refreshing! 

We paddled a couple of miles to Goodin Island and found a great spot to camp for the night. 

I’ll be in Minneapolis within the next day or so and I’m hoping to find a place to safely store my boat for a couple of days while I check out the city.  I keep striking out with the VFW for some reason. I figured veterans would be down for helping each other.  So far, I’ve gotten zero response from any of them. 😞

Well, it wasn’t an exciting day by any means but that’s a good thing sometimes. Strange, I just heard massive amounts of gunfire across the river…


  1. Be careful! There are some crazy things on the news last few days, shootings and such. One in Minnesota last night actually. And btw, try contacting an American Legion post, sadly I’ve actually been through the same thing with the VFW and talked to others who have had bad dealings with them. The American Legion posts are pretty good about helping others out though. Good luck brother!

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  2. Hi Bennie, Decided to check in on you. Really enjoy your sense of humor and the pictures. Almost every town has a Lions Club if you need some help along the way. Your friend from Palisade!


  3. Hey Bennie! Our kayak party met you in Elk River. I wish we knew you needed some help with your time in Minneapolis. My dad lives in Minneapolis and we are just a few miles outside – would’ve gladly put you up for the night. Safe travels!


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