Day 38

I slept horribly last night! The ground was weird and hard and the trains never stopped running! If it wasn’t a train, there was a barge passing by. Plus, I was fearing the water level reaching my tent. I kept checking to see where it has reached everytime a train woke me up.  

The stick circled in green was the starting water level at this island!

The weather was nice and cool except for a wind from the north by northwest direction. It mostly blew me down the river but one area near Sturgeon Lake and a nuclear power plant caused me some serious concern! 

I had a crosswind causing at least 3 ft swells which were bad but then a barge parked on the left bank was causing the waves to return to me and the effect was like popcorn. I was bouncing straight up in the air from the colliding waves. It was scary. 

We safely locked through dam 3 and paddled towards Redwing, MN.  A little ways down the river, a couple on a pontoon boat hailed is down and introduced themselves and gave us water and granola bars. Soon we were pulling up to downtown Redwing, MN. Well, I did anyway. Scott passed the marina and ended up meeting Brad Smith, the owner of the Harbor Bar. He gave us permission to come ashore since my canoe had a leak in it from an earlier incident. We were also able to camp there! They serve some of the best jerk chicken around! 

I named this tree Woody.
It scared me away!
The world’s biggest boot at the Red Wing Shoe Store
Boat repairs. 😞

The great thing about visiting Redwing MN was getting a nostalgic feeling. My dad’s favorite boot, the only thing he would wear besides socks, was Red Wing boots. I felt close to him again even though he passed away many years ago.

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