Day 39

Brad Smith and The Harbor Bar were awesome! Brad cooks the best jerk chicken you’ll ever eat! I’m forever grateful for his hospitality as well! I would have stayed another day, but the weather was perfect fit crossing Lake Pepin.

Lake Pepin is about 20 miles long. It has the reputation for being the hardest lake you will paddle across. The wind and lack of current could make it a brutal day!

My trip across was perfect! No wind and sunny. It was majestic. Such beautiful views and peaceful. The town of Pepin is on the southern end of the lake and we ate at the Garden Pub and Grille. Wonderful place to stop and refuel your body and spirit! I ate a burger called the Boss Hawg. It had a beef patty, pulled pork, potato chips, coleslaw and BBQ sauce and onion on it. Delicious! There’s also a malt shop at the restaurant as well.  

After eating we paddled a short distance to a sandbar and set up camp. I was exhausted from paddling with no current and feel asleep right away.

The red boat is 55 ft long. This gives you an idea how large barges are.

Paddling at dusk.

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