Days 40&41

OK, I’m losing track of my days now. I know I was exhausted after crossing Lake Pepin, so the next day wasn’t a very long paddle. I stopped at the national eagle center in Wabash. An amazing place to visit! GO!!!! 

 That night there was a hellacious lightning storm! I was scared many times during the night. Don’t judge! 😉. 

The current was moving quickly so we were able to get down river pretty fast! Even though we had two locks to pass through, we still arrived at Winona at a decent time. I docked my boat at the Winona Marina and got a hotel room. I needed a morale stop! I’m sure more interesting things happened but my mind if still a little tired from trying to figure out how to be more successful at this fundraiser. 

Yes. This was taken in the wild.
An actual golden eagle. I thought I saw a few of these but they were juvenile bald eagles!
So the room above me flooded and my bathroom ceiling caved in.

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