Day 43

Paddled down to Trempealeau, Wisconsin today. It’s a very small, lovely town on the river. I grabbed a bite to eat at The Hungry Point. It’s really cool when you can just paddle up to a dock and get out and go inside.  People are always amazed that you showed up in a canoe. I guess I would be too! 

Oh yeah, when I arrived at lock and dam 6 there was a barge locking through so pulled into a marina and walked to the viewing area above the lock to see what it looked like from above. Exactly what expected it to look like. 

A tow in the lock.

I met back up with Scott on a nice little island. Later on Ellen Mcdonah joined us and we’re paddling into LaCrosse tomorrow. 

During dinner a barge pulled up and beached itself just south of our camp. I’m glad he didn’t get any closer! 

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