Day 44

The wind was intense today! Scott, Ellen and I paddled to LaCrosse, WI so we could meet up with John Sullivan. We only paddled 13 or 14 miles but it felt like 25+!  At one point Scott said he looked back and half of my canoe was out of the water and then slamming down. He thought I was back there jumping waves. They were monsters after lock and dam 7.  I was glad when I finally paddled out of that mess. I wanted to turn the GoPro on but I was too scared to stop paddling  for fear of turning sideways and getting swamped. 

We camped on a great little island near Riverside park. The Mississippi, Black, and LaCrosse rivers all flow together here; it’s quite interesting!  After setting up camp, we paddled into town for some food and meeting up with John Sullivan. What a great guy! He brought us a sack of food for our trip and he’s going to let us borrow one of his marine radios! That will make things much safer. 

I was able to snap some decent pictures today. I hope you enjoy! 

Yes, that’s a black squirrel!

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