Days 45 & 46

OK. I’m a little lost on details of my trip for the past couple of days. Damn TBI. Anyway, I do know yesterday we paddled 32 miles and even stopped in Lansing. Iowa for lunch at Shep’s Riverside Bar and Grill. Delicious hamburgers! I always get burgers because they’re hard to mess up. 😋  Oh yeah, I left Minnesota and crossed into Iowa. I’m going to miss Minnesota. I met so many wonderful people while I paddled through. My gratitude for all of you really can’t be put into words but I hope we cross paths again in life. I think we will.  

I’ll guess I’ll try to tell the rest of this story with the pictures i took. 

The Queen of the Mississippi.
Ellen and I in LaCrosse.
Big man in a little boat…
Trying to save a few little turtle eggs.
That spider was at least twice the size of that little wasp.
Interesting name for a lake.
It was bittersweet saying goodbye to Minnesota. Wonderful people in a beautiful state!
Lansing, Iowa.

Making islands!

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