Days 48-50

Let’s see…. I’m not real sure what I’ve done other than today. Today I stopped in Dubuque since my thermometer was reading over 100° I felt like I might actually melt. Don’t worry, in still going to paddle about 10 miles to an island a few locals have mentioned. In the meantime, enjoy these pics because I’m really losing track of time and my memory is shot today. 

Lansing has the history of the pink elephant! Interesting.

He was much closer than this picture indicates.

My protector the other night. 😯

Gotta love sticking your hand in this at every lock.
At the Mississippi River museum & aquarium.

I’ll probably use this on the Missouri River next year. 😉
Told you there were gators up here! 😉

Here’s some scary island life…

Swapping river tales with Marcus.

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