Days 51 & 52

Let’s see, after leaving Dubuque I was invited to a Dinosaur Jr concert at a place called Codfish Hollows in Maqouketa, IA.  what an amazing and unique venue! Thanks to my new friend Paula I even had an all access pass! Paula, you are one of the coolest people I’ve met. Thanks for taking a chance and inviting me to a great time. I met several really interesting and nice people there. It was as if we were friends forever.  There’s so many great people in this world. I love being open to it all! 

What a wicked music venue!
Dinosaur Jr rocking out!
All access passes are nice. Thanks Paula!
Backstage painting session for the bands.
The old house where local artist display their work.

The side door on the old house.
Coming into Savannah, IL and Sebula, IA.

Paddled into Sebula, IA today and I really wanted to eat at Bonfire Pizza but I didn’t have time. I needed to find a place to sleep for the night. I’m a little upset over that. 😒

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