Days 53-55?

Where to start? A major shout out to Mark and Kay in Clinton for housing me for the night. So many wonderful people live on this river! If you ever stop at the Clinton Marina, go to the hotdog stand and get a Seattle dog! Delicious! 

After leaving Clinton I paddled down to an island I spotted on Google maps. Once I arrived it was loaded with weekend boaters. I decided to paddle another mile or so to Camp Hauberg. That was a very good decision! 

They took me right in and gave me a place to camp and some food and snacks! On the house! Amazing people that work and live there. Charlie, Vicky, Josh, Shawn and everyone else I met there were the nicest, most helpful people. I wish my words could express my true gratitude, but they seem to fall short. 

After a delicious breakfast at Camp Hauberg, I paddled across the river to Le Claire, Iowa. I ran into more extremely friendly locals! You know, it’s the river life that makes everyone so happy. I really believe that. After saying hello and getting my canoe out of the water, I wandered down to Antique Archaeology and luckily Mike Wolfe was there. I bought a couple of souvenirs and decided I should get a pic with Mike. What a great guy! He was very interested in my journey down the river and he even gave he 3 t-shirts! I probably didn’t smell real great… Lol!  So far, Le Claire has been impressive! I’m very happy I stopped. 

So many white pelicans!
The river can be gigantic sometimes.
I love this place!

If you look closely, there’s a big guy on an old school bicycle.
Mike Wolfe! Such a great guy!
Mike gave me three t-shirts and this lovely lady helped me pick out the best ones! Thank you!
Digging these bad boys!

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