Day 56

Le Claire was awesome! I met the best people pulling in. Doug, Kari, Tony, and Melissa greeted me as I pulled ashore and helped me get the canoe out of the water. After wandering around the town and eating a burger, I decided to wait until the morning to navigate the quad cities. I was heading back to the canoe, Doug hollered at me from his balcony and invited me up. It was really nice sitting up there with Doug and Kari just simply having great conversation. Doug cooked the most excellent dinner and we drank a few beers. A little later Tony and Melissa showed up and we all just sat around talking and joking. Thank you guys for a nice, relaxing evening! 

Before launching, I snapped a few more pics of interesting things in Le Claire. As I was packing up, another through paddler named Brandon pulled up. It was nice meeting a new paddler on the river and we made pretty good mileage and had a great lunch in Rock Island, IL at the Blue Cat Brew Pub.

We made all the way to Fairport, IA and pulled into a campground for the night. A hot shower felt great!

Oh yeah! I’d like to thank Bill Peters and family for their donation and excitement over this fundraising journey! 

A beautiful tribute in Le Claire.

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