Day 57-59

Paddled about 43 miles today. About 30 of those miles was no man’s land. No cell service and no towns. The cell service is terrible right here! Sadly, I can actually see a cell tower. Go figure. 

Anyway, nothing real exciting to mention. Had a tasty burger in New Boston, IL. It was huge! 

Sometimes people ask me if I’ve gained any wisdom and insight from this trip so far. Right now, I’ve learned about patience and control. Shit will certainly happen so just be patient and keep moving forward. Good times are ahead! 

I’ve thought a lot about control today. That was an issue of mine; always stressing to maintain control of every situation. I was constantly trying to shape the future and preserve the present. When it came to my relationship, I was actually smothering her. I couldn’t see that. I can only imagine how my children felt as well! Sometimes you love someone or something and you just put too much into them. I did that trying to control the fear I had inside of me. 

The river has taught me there’s no controlling her. If you fight the natural flow she has, you’re going to end up exhausted and frustrated. It’s OK to relax and let go. Just keep moving forward. You will most definitely end up where you need to be. Sometimes you’ll get pushed to the side, spun around, and slowed to a crawl. Once again, don’t fight these things, don’t try to control it. You can’t. Just paddle forward and relax. 

This relates to life. It’s OK to release the reigns and just go with the natural flow of things around you. Naturally if you come into danger, grab the reigns and hang on!  It’s OK to control this moment. But seriously, relax. Love your kids and significant other, but don’t suffocate them. Don’t suffocate your friends, employees, or colleagues. 

Enough of the bad advice, upon reaching Fort Madison I spotted a campground. Upon closer inspection it was a park with a carnival and trailers for the carnies. Naturally, I pulled ashore and requested permission to camp with the carnies. Permission was granted! Yay! After setting up my camp, I went to a great steakhouse and had some very delicious ribs and beer. The carnies we all out playing Pokemon go so nothing crazy happened. Go figure! 

The next day started lovely until the wind showed up. 😥 The water before Keokuk is actually a lake so there was no current. I slowly paddled across that 17 mile beast at 2mph! It was exhausting! Luckily the nice folks at Keokuk Yacht Club welcomed us with opened arms. Finally! Laundry could be done!! I smelled horrible. Ask Mike Wolfe. 

That was from Rock Island.
The beaver gave up and the tree didn’t.
New Boston, IL
Gotta love foggy mornings.

Once a carnie, always a carnie.

I need this!

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