Days 60 & 61?

Made the long paddle to Quincy, IL and arrived about 5pm. We were greeted by Asian carp and a reporter named Jeremey Culver from WGEM.  Super nice guy. He interviewed me and Brandon. The story aired later that night and it was the story! Very cool! 

For sure reason, this area doesn’t support Verizon cellphone service.  Campsite reconnaissance has halted. It’s tough paddling blind out there. 😉

Anyway, after leaving Quincy, we paddled about 17-18 miles to Hannibal, MO. That town is the boyhood home of Mark Train. Upon arrival we noticed all kinds of hotrods about, mostly Corvettes. As soon as a reached Main St, it was clear what was happening; a gigantic Corvette car show. There must have been over a hundred Corvettes lined up. New ones, old ones, modified ones, etc. It was a beautiful sight! 

After we stopped drooling, we decided to check out everything Mark Twain. It was awesome looking at his history. He really had a tough life.  I admire his insight considering all the tragedy he endured. A very good tourist destination! Go!

For many miles down the river, we’ve encountered an old man in a sailboat. It’s just him. He always waves and we wave back. Today, we ran into him at Hannibal. It’s great meeting other travelers on their journey. While most of you do the same thing over and over again, daily, there’s a whole group of vagabonds traveling around the world exploring, learning, and meeting new people and places. It’s strange the life each of us choose, and the justifications that endorse it.

Oh yeah, there was a crazy storm one night. That’s a lot of rain in my canoe.
This lock had a 38 ft drop.
A large piece of glacial ice. Just kidding, it’s styrofoam.
Corvettes lining the street in Hannibal, MO.
I decided canoeing the Mississippi River is more fun than white washing a fence.

This what you do when you decide to portage around a lock. Well, not all the time.
Caught the ghost of Mark Twain playing with dolls in his boyhood home.

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