Days 62-66?

I’ve really lost track of time. I think this is day 66. My signal has been horrible. I finally arrived in St. Louis. Passing the Missouri/Mississippi River confluence was an amazing feeling!  I didn’t plan on it, but I ran the chain of rocks. A great experience in a canoe!  

Muddy Mike Clark from Big Muddy Adventures picked is up and has been an amazing host. This man really knows the river. He’s kind of a gatekeeper to the lower Mississippi River. If you’re paddling through, you really need to stop and talk to him. 

I finally got to see the Arch! What an amazing structure! I’m coming back up here to explore St Louis more in depth.

Sadly, I had to retire my canoe. The leak was irreparable. So, I get the honor of paddling to New Orleans in The Flying Snail! 

Where did the water go?
A tired river paddler?

This was on a small island. Way to cool!

I love these views!

The last lock and dam!
The Missouri/Mississippi rivers confluence.
Chain of rocks pump houses.
Everyone hard at work at Big Muddy Adventures.

View from the Arch.

A St Louis local.


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