Day 72&73

My arrival in Hickman, KY was awesome. I was greeted by my buddy Shane Blaski, his CVMA commander Perry Turner, Dan Haw, and the deacon of West Hickman Baptist Church. I served with Shane in the Army.  I was also interviewed by the local newspaper as well! I can’t thank everyone enough for helping spread the word about this fundraiser. So many people have been amazing. 

Dan got with the deacon and set me up a place to stay at the church. What a fantastic place to be! I met the pastor Jason Sipes.  He prayed over my journey. You need all the help you can get on the lower Mississippi River. It’s a real force of nature and dangerous. I also spent some time talking with him and he’s a great man. He served as a chaplain in the Army. I also learned that they help many travelers on the river and the river road. Amazing and caring people in Hickman, KY! 

Since it’s been raining almost nonstop and it will continue for a couple of more days, I decided to take Shane up on his offer and went to Paris, TN to hangout with him for a couple of days. I’ll probably get back on the river Saturday. Hopefully the rain slows up a bit. 

The bluff view in Hickman, KY.
A new decoration for my canoe.
My new buddy Gunner.
Digging these young ladies riding through Hickman.

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