Days 74-78?

Well, I took about 5 days of the river. I figured it was best to let those crazy storms pass. 

I took advantage of my downtime by surprising my kids at their school during lunch. They were so happy and surprised! Thank you Jeannie for picking me up so I could do that. 

I spent the next couple of days hanging out with the kids. We played lots of video games, indoor golf, and watch Lights Out at the movies. We also devoured some delicious food. We had the best time! I really hated to leave them on Sunday though. I broke their little hearts and that hurt me.   

I’ll be finished in about a month with this trip. I’ll miss the river but I’ll be glad to spend more time with my kids. I need to get them trained up so they can do trips like this with me.

Brody and Killian.

Yeah, i got par. Brody says I’m a golf hacker.. Lol!
I can’t believe Killian is taller than me. The boy is only 13!

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