Days 81-84

Let’s see if I can remember the past few days. I know I have a gazillion pics to post. I completed the 100 mile paddle from Caruthersville, MO! It took me 18 hrs. I lost an hour because of a pop-up thunderstorm 10 miles from Memphis. Those high winds just cripple me in that big canoe.  Anyway, I’m now a proud member of the Centurion Club! 

For anyone attempting that in the future, use extreme care while paddling at night. I made myself very visible with a stern light and running lights. I also plotted a course on my navigation app that kept me in the channel. You cannot get caught up in the wing dams!  If at all possible, attempt it on a night with a full moon. There’s buoys, large trees, and other obstacles in the water. Hitting any of those at night could be catastrophic.  

You’re going to share the channel with the barges. You’re going to be closer than normal as well. Night paddling is really dangerous and only experienced paddlers should attempt it. 

The river legend Dale Sanders met me at the marina and took me to dinner at Rendezvous. Excellent ribs! He was 80 when he paddled the entire Mississippi River. He’s taking on the Appalachian trail next year. He’s an amazing man! Check his website out at

The next day I was interviewed by news channel 3. I never saw the video myself but it really got people’s attention. Dale came down to the marina and helped me repair the Flying Snail. Then we went to his house and I signed his wall of fame. Very cool! Richard Day came and picked me up and took me to dinner at The Mardi Gras. That place was excellent!! Very authentic Cajun food. After that we heading to South Main Sounds for a songwriters night. What a treat that was! Everyone was so cool and welcoming. They also did a fantastic job supporting my fundraiser. I really can’t thank them enough. 

I’ve really enjoyed these few days in Memphis, but it’s time to get back on the river. I love being down south. I missed my people! 😊. Honestly, this whole trip has been an amazing time meeting the greatest people! I hope it continues and I’m sure it will. 

A cannon in New Madrid, MO.
An old saw used during the civil war to cut down trees in the river.

A really old sword.
A petrified snake.

New Madrid, MO.
Caruthersville, MO
The museum curator in New Madrid gave me a few beers!
That’s a big bird footprint!
It’s 2am and I’m ready to begin my 100 mile paddle.
That was a long awaited sunrise!

Coming into Memphis looking at the I-40 bridge.

Signing Dale Sanders wall of fame!
Dale Sanders and the Centurion Club section of his wall.
The world famous Peabody ducks.

Sun Studios

Weird things to find downtown Memphis.
Really enjoyed the live music this weekend.

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