Day 85

I got up early but only managed to leave Memphis by 3pm. Thank you Bass Pro! I did meet a very cool river traveler though. He had moored his homemade sailboat in front of my canoe. One look at the boat and I knew I had to meet this guy. Luckily we ran into each other at Bass Pro and had a great conversation. He is working on one hell of a trip! Traveling from Three Forks, Montana down the Missouri, the Mississippi, and then the intercostal waterway to Florida. I’m a little envious. Anyway, his name is Nick Noreous and this is his blog Dogs and Windmills

I paddled 12 miles and camped on the smelliest island yet! Bleh! Some of this mud is just disgusting. It sticks to you like glue and really stinks. Avoid it! 

The coolest Bass Pro you’ll ever visit!!
Why can’t these guys jump in my boat?

Nick Noreous ladies and gentlemen.
Until next time Memphis!

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