Day 98? The Atchaflaya.

As I approached the beginning of the Atchaflaya River, I decided that was the route I really wanted to take. It’s the oldest and most scenic way to the gulf. I’ve dreamed of paddling the swamps! It’s way more spiritual to me this way. I just couldn’t stand the thought of major industry ruining one of the greatest adventures I’ve ever been on. 

So far, maybe 10 or 11 miles down the Atchaflaya and I’ve seen 2 gators. Very exciting considering there’s not much between me and them.  Camping has become a major thought for me now. I think common sense will solve that though. 

I stopped in Simmsport, LA for signal and a few food items. The town I walked through was very run down and old. True to the south, lots of people on their porches or out in the streets talking about football. Mostly complaining because the Saints lost. Lol! That’s my favorite team. 

My mind hasn’t been on football though. It’s been on my life after the river. I think I will write a book based on this adventure. I’m also going to start working towards my plans to move to Florida. Things ahead are looking bright! But I don’t want to get blinded so I’m wearing my shades and trying play it cool. Wow… That was cheesy! 😋

Entering the canal and saying farewell to the Mississippi… For now.
The Old River Lock and Dam

Such beauty! It’s everywhere you look.

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