Day 99… Day of The Gators

Not a bad day. Woke up, paddled across the river back to Simmesport and walked a mile and a half to Piggly Wiggly for some food supplies. Got some ice cream to eat while I was there too! Then I walked back paddled downstream. 

When I decided to stop for lunch, I noticed a shady area on the right descending bank. As I paddle up I notice the eddy is kinda deep. Then right in front of me a half eaten carp appears.

Instantly I knew a gator had been chewing on it. A short while later while I ate my can of baked beans, I look over and just a few feet away is the gator. We just calmly watched each other. It grabbed the carp and swam away. 

As I neared Krotz Springs I decided 35 miles was good enough and started looking for a campsite. As I’m paddling along, a gator maybe 7ft in length starts swimming next to me. I guess it didn’t see me. As I was trying to video it, IIT goes under. A few seconds later that idiot pops up right in front of me and we collide. He thrashes around scared or pissed off. That scares the hell out of me because I’m right on top of him! So I take off across the river. Well, there was no camping but I noticed a big sand dune on the left bank. As I’m paddling over I look behind me, and that gator I’d following me! 😮. It followed me all the way to the sand dune and then patrolled around the river as I set up camp. I think it’s possible it wanted to exchange pleasantries and apologize for cutting me off. I was rude and ignored him. He eventually left. 


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