Days 43-45

For the past three days I’ve been hanging out at Sandspur Island in North Miami. It’s also known as Beer Can Island. I bet you can’t guess why. To be honest the raccoons make the biggest mess because no one hauls off their own trash. There’s trashcans and the triangle-faced rodents raid them nightly. One of the turds even drank my last beer! 😒 I hope it has a hangover. They are very aggressive and in no way scared of humans. However, they do not like dogs.

I didn’t stop here to just party, I stopped because the wind has been blowing pretty hard and I needed the waves to settle down before I hit any open water. I guess I could’ve just paddled on and risked everything for mileage, but that’s not me. This trip is all about the experience for me.

I met some amazing people who ended up feeling like family. Several people have been docked off the island for months, some weeks. Everyone helped contribute for fresh ceviche, burgers, beer, rides to town, rides to Duffy’s and fishing. On the weekends, the locals would boat out, line up and down the beach, set up big speakers blasting Latino music, cook BBQ, dance, swim, and just have the greatest time! It was a lot of fun meeting so many new people everyday. It really is a special way of life down here. I wish I would have taken more pics and videos but i was having too much fun to really worry about documenting my trip.

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