Day 42

Another wonderful day! I had to wake up early to break camp before anyone saw me. I stealth camped last night. Since the tide was low, but slowly rising, I got stuck a few times leaving the state park. Once I got back on the ICW, I cruised quickly to Oleta State Park. I charged up my phone. I think my solar panel needs to be replaced. My battery packs aren’t charging very well. Once I was charged, it was a short paddle to Sandspur Island where I’m camped tonight.

My neighbor is a guy that’s been docked here for several months. He even built a tiki bar that floats next to his boat.

The raccoons are terrible here! But people come all the way out here just feed the silly things. They’re not afraid of me at all. I used dogs barking on YouTube to scare them away. It worked for a little bit. I guess my snoring will have to work tonight. 😂

I met some adventurous sailors this afternoon. They made me feel like a celebrity! It was great chatting with them! Hopefully we run into each other again on another adventure.

An iguana


    1. They’re cute and seem friendly but raccoons can get mean real quick. These raccoons were walking right up to me. And I’m sure they’re in serious need of fresh water. Fish and game should relocate them off these islands.


      1. After seeing your short film I was shocked at how tame they were. Any campground has those sort of critters that people have fed too often. We had chipmunks and squirrels last fall on our trip that were at first cute- then not so much when they are climbing on the tent trying to enter knowing we had food! Good luck out there!

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