Tom’s Harbor Keys to Molasses Keys

I paddled roughly 20 miles today. It was a really great day to be on the water. I managed to get a shower at Curry Hammock State Park, resupplied my food in Marathon. There’s a private boat ramp near a Dollar Tree and the owner allows kayakers to use it. Just let him know you’re there. It’s an extremely helpful stop. I also ate a delicious hamburger at Driftwood Pizza and Subs. Very friendly people there and good food that doesn’t break the bank.

Today I saw a big manatee, tarpon, two very large stingrays, a black tip shark, several nurse sharks, starfish, sea urchins, and all the birds you can think of. Oh yeah, I can’t forget the iguana.

I had planned on staying at Boot Key but there’s nothing there. So, I paddled 5 miles down the Seven Mile Bridge to the islands my friends Frank and Monica own. What a gorgeous area! The water is full of life. The island is covered in hermit crabs. Birds perch about watching your every move. I can’t wait to explore more of it tomorrow. Don’t even get me started on the night sky out here! It’s a true paradise.

If anyone is wondering, I did wear some green today. 😉


  1. I have been waiting for you to get to the Keys! We ran in to your friend Scott who I believe you started the journey with! He was so nice and we are following him as well. We live in Marathon and met Scott in Boot Key while we were out on our boats. You guys have inspired us to take a little kayak trip. Nothing like this but a few days with camping. We lost our house in the hurricane and moved down to Key West so we think we are just going to start at our new house, kayak to marathon to our old lot and then back!
    I didnt know who owned those Keys. We boat there all the time an hang out. Its so pretty there.
    Keep it up and keep inspiring people!!!

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