Day 66? Molasses Keys

I had a nice and relaxing zero day on Frank and Monica’s island. I watched the boats and bridge for a little bit, paddled all around the islands looking for wildlife, talked to a family grilling on the little island, watched a couple forget to move their boat while the tide went out, they just now left, and then watched a spectacular sunset.

I walked out a couple hundred meters to film some barracudas and looked behind me and saw a 3ft black tip cruising up behind me. Sadly, I didn’t get any of it on camera. They’re so damn fast and shy it’s hard to catch them just right. I think National Geographic photographers must cheat with chum. Anyway, I’ll keep trying. I may paddle on tomorrow. There’s several days of heavy winds coming. I haven’t decided what my best course of action is yet. This is a comfortable island but I might be better off somewhere with a wind break.


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