Day 72 Content Keys

Today I sad goodbye to Capt Jack and Lady. I finally got to meet his roommate Kate as well. Once again, Lady wanted to go for a ride on my kayak. She has impeccable balance!

I waited till I knew the tide had started moving in my direction and blasted out 13 miles to Content Keys. The wind was still a little heavy so the water was a little milky. I may not get to see the pristine waters of the Outer Narrows. 😐 I did see a 5-6ft shark today swimming in front of me. Couldn’t quite tell what kind of shark due to the ripples. I’m guessing a black tip based on it’s sleek profile.

There wasn’t a whole lot of boaters out today. They were probably on the opposite side of the island hiding from the wind. I stopped at the first beach I saw and called it a day. I’ll explore more tomorrow and hopefully the wind won’t mess up my fun. I can’t snorkel when 3ft waves are crashing over me!

I am looking forward to the night sky out here. It should look spectacular! If only I had a nice camera to take a picture of it.

Believe it or not, it’s chilly here! I’m in my tent trying to stay warm. I didn’t take many pics today, so apologies for that. You’ll just have to settle for the ramblings of man that’s been camping on islands for way too long.

Speaking of which, once I get to Key West I’m stopping. I’ve been gone for almost 3 months and my kids miss me and I miss them. Also, my brother is visiting from Japan April 7. I’ll probably pick up the trail next February and paddle from Alabama to Key Largo. Florida Bay Outfitters sounds like the perfect place to celebrate the completion of the Florida CT.


  1. Hi. Well I’m not surprising to here that you’re quitting in Key West. I’m sure all my takes of wind and cold and bugs hasn’t been all that encouraging either! But your taking a break makes sense. Unfortunately it means we won’t get to meet and I won’t have your blog to follow in the evenings. It’s been nice knowing someone else is out there attempting to do the same crazy thing!

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    1. I really hate breaking this trip in half but it’s the right thing to do at this point. Scott had to stop as well. It’s been an amazing experience and that’s what counts. I’m sure we’ll cross paths on another adventure somewhere. There’s not that many of us who do these kinds of things.

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  2. It is the right reason to end a journey, for your kids. They are small only once and these days time flies by so quickly and before you know it they are grown with lives and issues of their own. Safe travels to Key West with the wish of fair winds and mild waters.

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  3. Hi Bennie The Mighty Cetus and I are hanging it up for this season as well. It was great meeting you at Key Largo and rocking to Silverspine.
    I hope we can cross paths again next year.

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