Day 71 Picnic Island

The wind finally dropped enough for me to paddle to the store. I needed an extra gallon of water since I’ll be in the backcountry of the keys for the next 6 days. Naturally, I forgot to buy more Heet (fuel for my stove) so I probably won’t be eating too many warm meals. 😒

While I was getting ready to launch, the kayak felt extra tippy. I thought maybe I was sitting on a mangrove root so I looked behind me and Lady the island dog was standing on the back of my kayak!!! She really wanted to go for a ride but it was way too choppy. That really took me by surprise. I’ve had a lot of fun playing with that dog.

I made a new friend today. Annaliese is boat captain that runs DNA Backcountry charters in the lower keys. She told me about some great places to paddle and even brought me some snorkel gear to use! I forgot to buy some when I left key largo. I think I’m going to paddle up to the Contents in the morning and see about camping there. Hopefully I can find a spot. Anyway, I hope I get a chance to hangout with Annaliese again before I leave the keys. There’s so many great people in this world and I’m fortunate enough to meet some of them.

It was warm enough this afternoon I was able to wade out to Capt Jack’s boat and visit with him. It’s always a pleasure. There’s a sneaky little brown stingray there that I really have to watch for.

I think that was the extent of my activities. Another great day in the Keys!

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