Chassahowitzka to Suwanee

Oh boy. I feel like I’ve traveled a hundred miles since my last post. Maybe I have. A lot of great things have happened these past few days. My friend Jean visited me in Crystal River and we had lunch and hiked a short trail in the preserve. It was great to see her again. She hosted me and Scott in New Smyrna Beach last year. I also got to meet and hangout with Leroy Harmon in Suwanee. He’s a great trail angel and I really enjoyed getting to know him. I spent three days in Suwanee and I like the old Florida lifestyle here. Lots of really friendly people as well!

In between those meetings I paddled through Homosassa, Ozello, Crystal River, and Cedar Key. I camped in some very remote sites deep in the salt marshes and on spoil islands 5.5 miles out in the gulf. I wouldn’t recommend the Kelly Creek campsite. I don’t think anyone has been there in a very long time so I had to clear a spot for my tent. Navigating through Cedar Key during low tide was also problematic. If you cut through the middle there are oyster shoals everywhere creating one hell of a labyrinth!

So far, the camp grounds in this area have only cost me $5! They don’t have a lot of amenities but they’re well maintained and beautiful.

It’s been nice meeting people and hearing their stories and them taking interest in mine. One of my favorite things about these journeys are the people. It’s great to find connections when you’re miles and miles from home.

I’m going to be able to attend the Florida CT reunion this year and I’m very excited to meet the people who put this trail together and the people who have paddled it. I’m overjoyed to be part of something like this. It’s a very challenging trail to paddle I can’t wait to hear everyone’s stories.

My short lived campfire pal at Uncle Tom’s campsite
A memorial on the Salt River
A gopher tortoise in Crystal River

I’m always finding items like this floating in the ocean. 😒


  1. Loved the sunset (sunrise?) picture. Oysters beds I guessing can be pretty damaging to your kayak?
    Wondering how much plastic are you finding on your paddling? This has become a major concern of mine as I have been seeing more and more in areas where I never used to see it in the water.
    Safe travels!

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    1. You really have to watch for the oysters. They’re sharp and can do quite a bit of damage if you hit them hard. I usually pick up about 3 pieces of garbage a day out of the ocean. It is concerning.

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      1. I was thinking that those beds would be challenging. You are braver than me. For one, I did my first sea kayaking last winter and it scared me to death. So I have a great deal of respect for what you are doing for sure. I hope other veterans read your blog and try to get outside. You are inspirational.

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  2. Really enjoyed meeting you yesterday at Suwanee DBA and chatting over a cup of joe. Had some great stories to share. I thought my Suwanee River trip was pretty incredible but you’re trip seems epic by comparison. Wish you best and stay safe.

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    1. I had a great time chatting with you guys! I think the Suwanee is a little more scenic than my trail.. lol! Keep on paddling. Maybe we’ll cross paths again one day.


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