Almost Ready To Go

In just a few days I’ll be hitting the river and starting my adventure. I believe I have everything necessary for the trip minus food.

Naturally, there has to be a couple of hiccups in anything one does. My ride to Minnesota cancelled on me and i can’t find another one. A side effect of not having very many friends.  So, I’m left with a couple of options. I have to either drive myself and sell my vehicle once I get there, or ride a bus/plane and purchase a canoe once I arrive. I really don’t want to do option 2 because I planned on saving a little money during the trip so I can find a place to live afterwards. The only issue with my van is an electrical short somewhere which is causing problems starting. I’m pretty mechanically inclined but this electrical problem has me stumped. Ideally, I’ll find a ride buy I’m afraid that’s not going to happen.  Regardless, in committed to this trip and it’s going happen.

I’ve received a little bit of media attention from two local newspapers. Normally I wouldn’t showcase myself but I really would like this fundraiser to be a success.  Hopefully the word spreads and a few more donations for Homes For Our Troops pour in. 😉

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