Day 69 Picnic Island

I’m still on Picnic Island waiting for the wind to die down and change direction. It’s blowing 20+ mph for the next couple of days. No one visits the island when it’s like this, so it’s just me and Capt Jack out here. We both agreed it was too cold to hangout so I stayed in my tent and he stayed in his houseboat. Lady the island dog paid me a visit this afternoon and we played a little bit. It’s been a relaxing day but the cold weather (it’s 70°) has taken its toll on me. I know, I’m spoiled. 😉

I failed to mention a great group of kids stopped by the island and played in the water and looked for wildlife in the shallows. I had fun chatting with them. What a great program! Events like that creates lasting memories and priceless experiences.


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